A Continuous Line of Family Toolmakers

Beverly Industrial Service, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Howard and Beverly Snyder, husband and wife, and continues an American family tradition of tool making, machining, and engineering in the metalworking field since 1891.

Howard received his degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and is a life member of the Purdue Alumni Association. Howard held the following positions prior to establishing Beverly Industries:

  • Group Leader, Engineering Services – RCA, Indianapolis, IN
  • Mechanical Engineering, Magnetic Tape Slitting – RCA, Indianapolis, IN
  • Sales Engineer & Representative – Bach and Company, New York, NY
  • Vice President – TDS Corporation, Chicago, IL
  • Vice President – International Knife and Saw, Cincinnati, OH and Florence, KY
  • Beverly Snyder was Office Manager of Cox Metal Processing in Chicago, IL.

This combined with the experience of our operators and an average of 30+ years tenure at Beverly Industries, ensures the quality and excellence of our service and manufacturing.

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