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At Beverly Industries we provide lapping and polishing services with the utmost attention to our customer’s quality, delivery, and manufacturing needs. We are a small facility, which allows us to give extra care to our customer’s needs. We also utilize laser technology measuring equipment accurate to .000010” allowing us to hold a tolerance to +/- .000030” (depending on part size)*.

Flatness – to 1 light band

Surface finished- mirrored – 0 to 2 RMS

Tolerance- (+,-) .000030”*

Part size- .150” to 14” diameter

Polish size- diameters up to 5” (single side), 4” (double side)

Service lapping average turnaround of two weeks upon receipt. Next-Day Air shipping available for specialty orders with a required turnaround of 2-3 days.

Average employee tenure 15 years. With this knowledge we feel that we have something unique to offer our customers: Fair Price, Superior Quality, and Prompt Service.

Prototype and specialty orders available upon request. Call or email us for your quote today!

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